FAQ's - Frequently Adventured Questions


  • What do I need for the rally?
  • What kind of visa do I need and where do I get it?
  • Vehicle insurance and international driver’s license for Russia?
  • Is there an age limit for participation?
  • What kind of vehicle are we allowed to drive?
  • Where can I get my hands on a good rally vehicle?
  • Charity and Donations
  • What charities does the Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition support?
  • How do I collect donations?
  • betterplace.org—Collect donations online
  • Public Relations
  • Sponsors
  • Branding your rally vehicle
  • The Starting Line Event in Hamburg
  • Party time in the Baltic States and the Arctic Circle
  • Where do we sleep?
  • What will happen to our beloved rally vehicle after we cross the Finish Line?
  • What happens if we have a break-down on the way?


What do I need for the rally?

A sense of adventure, a vehicle 15 years old or older, a visa for Russia (if you want to drive through Russia), and 16 days’ time!


What kind of visa do I need and where do I get it?

If you are an EU citizen, you need a visa only for Russia. And if you want to check out the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, you should apply for a double-entry visa so you can enter Russia twice. And remember, always carry a valid passport.

To obtain your Russian visa, contact a travel agency specialized in Russia (google it!) or a big visa service agency such as Servisum. Alternatively, you can apply for a visa directly at any Russian consulate or embassy.

Please be aware that your passport might need to be valid for an extended period (perhaps even beyond the date you plan to leave the country), and that the issuing of a visa in the first place can also take time.

Tips for your visa application:

As tourist visas for Russia are generally valid for 30 days, you can select the rally’s start date as the date of entry into Russia. As each team can decide individually when and where exactly to enter Russia, you can also just make your own schedule.

S.A.C. isn’t a tour operator, so we don’t issue any type of travel confirmation. The purpose of the trip to Russia should be listed as personal.

The resident Russia experts at our visa partner Russland Reisen Romanova can help you cut down on red tape and quickly get your visa application in. They can also arrange the double-entry visa for you. If you want to process your application through Romanova, shoot them an email at info@romanova-reisen.de; they’ll send you the basic info as well as a sample visa application. And please let them know you’re taking part in the Baltic Rally!

We ask that our rally participants who are not citizens of EU countries please be responsible for learning the entry requirements of the individual countries.


Vehicle insurance and international driver’s license for Russia?

Under current Russian law (OSAGO liability insurance), properly insured motor vehicles from countries where the “green insurance card” applies no longer need to have separate Russian insurance. So, get a “green insurance card” from your insurance provider. The code “RUS” (for “Russia”) should be on it. As long as you have that, you don’t need to worry about getting any additional car insurance at the Russian border.

Having an international driver’s license is not a legal requirement in Russia, but it is often requested at border controls, etc. (The argument is that any EU driver’s license is just in German or French or whatever language, and that doesn’t cut it to qualify as “international.”) In order to avoid any long discussions, it’s probably worth it to get an international driver’s license. It can be issued directly with no trouble from your local motor vehicle authority office and costs around €15.


Is there an age limit for participation?

There is no ceiling on fun! You do have to be at least 18 years old, though, to take part. Additionally, we advise that you be in good health—after all, this adventure rally ain’t no Sunday stroll down the promenade!


What kind of vehicle are we allowed to drive?

Modern classics and classic classics

Old-school cars: At least 15 years old (incl. 2004 makes)

Old-school bikes: At least 15 years old (incl. 2004 makes); a motorcycle team may consist of no more than two motorcycles

Commercial vehicles
Old-school trucks: At least 15 years old (incl. 2004 makes); campers/RVs/mobile homes are not allowed. Buses and vans such as the T3, T4, GMC Vandura and the Ford Transit are not classified as mobile homes.

Again, vehicles built explicitly as mobile homes/campers/RVs (e.g. with alcoves) are not allowed.

There are no restrictions regarding the value of your rally vehicle.

You don’t have to have nailed down your vehicle to register for the rally. You’ve got until the Rally Start to find your dream machine.


Where can I get my hands on a good rally vehicle?

Check out the Internet or peruse the classifieds in your local newspaper. You can find a wide range of suitable and cost-effective cars on websites like mobile.de or autoscout24.de.

Or ask your granny if she’ll let you take her beloved old Mercedes out for a “short spin around the block”!

You don’t have to have nailed down your vehicle to register for the rally. You’ve got until the Rally Start to find your dream machine.


Charity and Donations

Collect €750 for some awesome charity projects. Half of that amount will automatically go to projects that we have painstakingly vetted and where we’re certain the money is going where it should: to the people who really need it. You can donate the other half to a charity close to your heart!


What charities does the Baltic Sea Circle support?

The official charity partners of the Baltic Sea Circle are the Movember Foundation, the Sage Hospital e.V., Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V. and die Arche e.V.


How do I collect donations?

Get active! Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your unique rally plans. Collect donations online. Run a table at a flea market. Hold a raffle. Get the media involved. Throw yourself a fundraising party! There are many, many ways to get it done. Collecting donations is an adventure in itself!


betterplace.org—Collect donations online

Set up your own personal donation-collecting website at betterplace.org. Betterplace.org makes donating transparent and allows you to complete transactions online. 100% of all donations collected via betterplace.org will go directly to the S.A.C’s charity projects and aid organizations and to each team’s selected charities.

When your charity partner is listed at betterplace.org, please create your own fundraising campaign at betterplace.org

You can find clear instructions on how to collect donations through betterplace.org right here on our website.


Public Relations

In order to gain more support for your trip and to be better able to collect donations, try getting the media involved. Tell your local newspaper or radio or television station about the charity rally. Who knows, you might even get more donations than you need, and maybe even find additional sponsors, too!



Ask your local body shop if they’ll tune up your rally vehicle. Ask the boutique on the corner if they’ll throw some goose-down coats your way for those chilly Nordic temperatures. Get yourselves down to the barbershop or hairdresser for an official team ’do. In return, you can immortalize your sponsors or their businesses on your rally vehicle or mention them on your website or in your dealings with the local media. The possibilities are endless.


Branding your rally vehicle

You’ve found the perfect ride. You’ve got the sponsors backing you. Now it’s time to go crazy creative and trick out that dream machine any way you like. Just keep in mind that each vehicle will get stickers with the official Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition rally logo that should be placed on the driver-side door, the passenger-side door and the hood. You’ll also get two official starting numbers, which should be stuck on prominent, visible spots on the vehicle.

Size of the stickers:

  • The official rally logo stickers are circular, with a diameter of 45 cm (>17 in.)
  • The starting number stickers are square, with sides 40 cm long (>15 in.)


The Starting Line Event in Hamburg

The rally gets going on February 23rd, 2019, right in the heart of Hamburg. The Starting Line Event kicks off at 10 a.m. and the official Rally Start will take place between noon and 1 p.m. We’ll let you know the exact address of all this action on January 23rd, 2019.


Party time in the Baltic and the Arctic Circle

To help you warm up as you make your way around the frozen Baltic Sea, we’re gonna throw a couple of amazing parties.

Somewhere within the Arctic Circle, we’ll bow down to the awesomeness of the Northern Lights around a flickering campfire. And in the Baltic, we’ll roll out the ol’ tent for a winter bivouac party! The exact party locations remain our little secret until the Rally Start….


Where do we sleep?

Accommodations are chosen and organized by each team.

From wild camping on a glacier to catching z’s in a log cabin alongside the beavers, to treat yourself to a luxury hotel and a bottle of bubbly—anything goes! Choose your own lodgings depending on your budget and your notion of “adventure.” Even playing it by ear and deciding as you go has worked out for teams in the past and generally isn’t a problem in the time period the rally takes place.

At the official S.A.C party stops along the way, all the teams will sleep together in warm and fixed accommodations.


What will happen to our beloved rally vehicle after we cross the Finish Line?

That’s up to you! How about just happily driving it home, you full of adventure and the car full of luggage, and rolling up in it again next year for the next rally?!


What happens if we have a break-down on the way?

You’ve got to repair your vehicle!

But don’t worry—even if you have no clue about technical workings, you’ll get your ride up and running again. This is how we know:

  1. It’s part of the rally code of honor that teams help each other whenever necessary. There’s nearly always a fellow rally participant in close proximity who has enough technical know-how and the right tools to help you out.

  2. If you’re really stranded way out in the sticks, don’t hesitate to ask for help from local people. Even if you don’t speak the language, you’ll encounter people more than willing to help out. Sometimes just a friendly smile and a couple of shared vodkas will do—before you know it, your motor will be running again….

  3. If all else fails, your saving grace will be having registered for some kind of abroad insurance protection at one of the big auto associations.